Thesis: Explained and Simplified

Category : PhD Thesis
Date : June 21, 2013

A thesis is the outcome of a scientific research or a finding. It is the final report that gives the complete information of the research work. It requires original human contribution and should discover some original findings. There are some points that are important while writing a research paper or thesis.

Attention to Detail
The thesis must be written to the point and without grammatical mistakes. The construction and presentation of the thesis must be very precise and consistent. The first few pages of the thesis must be assessed very carefully. The details and findings must be put together in the first few pages. The thesis findings can be discussed or shown to similar research fellow members.

Highlight of your research
The scientific research must be supported with correlated observations, results and generalizations. One must not forget to mention the relevant sources about the scientific literature. The citations are necessary when you use scientific research data from other field. Your findings need to be very clear and highlighted in your research paper. The style of writing needs to be consistent. If you are using “active voice” then you must follow a similar pattern. It’s applicable for “passive voice” kind of style of writing. The worst possible thing in your thesis can be grammatical and spelling mistakes.

The scientific findings should be supported with drawings and sketches as far as possible. Visual information is always great for research papers. The drawings can be hand drawn and latter may be scanned for the same. It will save time and always better than to take a photograph. If you are familiar with graphics package, then use one. It will bring a lot of professionalism on the drawings. Choose standard fonts like Cambria, Calibri, and Arial, Times Roman, and Verdana etc. These are standard fonts used in the print media.

Don’t try fancy fonts it may spoil the reader’s attention towards your writing.  You may bold the important parts of your writings. Use standard Paragraph writing style. Get the writing checked by your advisor for the final draft. Don’t forget to get multiple copies.

Above all, the thesis should be completed in time. Declarations, copyrights and acknowledgments etc. are required by some institutions. You need to complete these formalities before your thesis is ready for publishing.

There are few websites where you can find information regarding scientific writings. In these tough times you need a companion to assist you throughout the process until completion of your project.  Don’t forget to choose as your ultimate assistant.  It’s full of information whatever you need.

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