Thesis Editing Service

After getting through the agonies and ecstasies of writing the thesis, now has come the final time when your new task begins, that is, editing your thesis. You may be lured by the completed thesis, want to take a print out now and go to supervisor or examination committee to demonstrate your hard work, BUT wait! Have you edited your thesis? No, by we don’t mean that you have got anything to add or remove from your thesis but why not double check it?

You might have written poorly written sentences or paragraphs, incorporated quite a few unclear antecedents, explained the argument in vague, or might have done improper cohesive and lexical linking of phrases, paragraphs, or figures, etc. Editing doesn’t only end with rectifying grammar errors and typographical errors or incorporation of necessary informational data. And you are likely to overlook the tiny mistakes in your thesis and submit it right away, but examination committee is very peculiar about such mistakes. It shows how much you are into your thesis that you have taken care of each and every element of your thesis. And a little negligence from your end can ruin your entire hard work and PhD.

With our premium thesis editing services, reduce the chances of your thesis rejection due to any linguistic or conceptual errors. At Thesis India, a number of PhD thesis editors in India club together to make your raw thesis a working thesis. Through our PhD thesis editors’ expertise in each of academic fields, we cover over 100 subject areas and deliver high quality of editing.

With a team of PhD Thesis Editors, Thesis India assures:

  • Grammar: Punctuations, Spellings, Subject-Verb Agreements, Active – Passive Voice
  • Tense Consistency: Using tenses as per Abstract, Literature, Review, Theoretical Framework, Conclusion and Recommendations
  • Subject-audience specified diction: Writing Style appealing the right audience
  • Citations check: Citations List, Reference List, Bibliography as per format
  • Data Organization: Layout of TOC, Graphs, Figures etc.
  • Apt Language: Smooth flow, linkage of  paragraphs, Sentence Fragment Revision

Thesis India has been recognized and emerged as one of the trusted and expert service providers delivering the distinguished Thesis Editing Services to the number of PhD candidates. Our Thesis Editing Team is constituted of PhD Thesis Editors selectively on the basis of their proficiency in grasping the faults in the structure, conceptual description, and cohesion in the thesis. If you are going to submit your thesis sooner, better be assure of your thesis’s strength by getting it checked and rectified any errors by our professional PhD thesis editors in India. Contact us today.