PhD Topics in Web Security

An original research and a well written thesis in are the requirements of a PhD degree in Web Security. A good research topic is the essential for both research and thesis. The one great benefit of doing PhD in Web Security is that you are offered the liberty to explore different areas and conduct an independent research on a topic of your choice. But the difficulty in choosing a topic is that each and every innovative arena of web security worth investigation and exploration. And thus many topics, areas and issues in the discipline attracts the student puzzling him what shall he opt for.

To get you out of the dilemma and let you achieve the certainty of your interest, our experts have drawn the following requirements that a PhD topic must fulfil. The topic when researched must fill the literature gap, address the relevant issue, and should develop the new ways to add new knowledge to the study. In order to illustrate this, we have suggested the following PhD topics in Web Security, fulfilling the above explained criterion:

  • Vulnerability prediction in web application by utilizing data clustering technique and Artificial intelligence.
  • An efficient machine learning approach to predict malicious web domain for web security.
  • Incorporating Trivoli based Access Manager in Electronic Market to Enhance Security in Transactions
  • Biometrics based Security on Transfer Confidential Documents through web related applications.
  • Web security for online transaction portals based on encryption and machine learning techniques.

If you need more help and suggestions regarding topic, you can reach to our team at We guarantee that the topic we provide is original, unique, and reasonable. All our research consultants are specialised in the field of Web Security and are active qualified academic researchers. Under our topic selection service, you will be given at least four topic suggestions along with the overview of them for your understanding.