PhD Topics in Strategic Management

Strategic Management involves the different techniques adopted to make the strategies to improve the performance and provide solutions to the issues and problems faced by the employers as well as employees in organizations. The doctoral program in Strategic Management is intended to familiarize and develop research perspectives relevant to the field of strategic management. It involves the intensive study of companies and industries that how they develop management strategies to sustain competitive advantages. The doctoral students are asked to develop their research topic as the first step to building their research upon.

A chosen research topic should be relevant, feasible, ethically acceptable, and applicable to the field of strategic management. While you consider a topic, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the other researches’ strength and weaknesses, must be analysed. Once this is done, it becomes easy for you to carry your research smoothly knowing the efficiency of your topic. For this purpose, we have identified few PhD topics in Strategic Management below, which can be explored by you further:

  • Statistical analysis on Strategic management of intellectual properties for competitive advantage.
  • Balanced scorecard development based on data mining as a strategic management in e learning courses
  • Analysis on Consumer behavior in cloud services for strategic management-A statistical review.
  • Issues on Strategic management of industrial technology- A review
  • Review on necessity for efficient Strategic Management In corporate fields for industrial development
  • An analysis of supplier involvement in developing innovative products- A review
  • Review on proper strategic management need in engineering industries for financial development.
  • Strategic management planning based on ecosystem- A new innovative study.
  • Review on continuous reform of human resource strategic management in small enterprises around world.
  • Factors influencing the success for strategic management in technological advancement.

Thesis India offers you the specific research topics as exemplified above. Also, even if you are uncertain with your own research topic; you can contact our experts who will ensure that your topic must have closely located within the field of Strategic Management. Our team of researchers and research consultants identify and give suggestions regarding the scope and relevance of your topic. Write in to us at