PhD Topics in Operations Research

For conducting a compelling research in Operation Research, the research topic is ought to be rational and researchable. Since this academic field is interdisciplinary, it provides freedom to the student to explore many areas of the discipline. While exploring, researcher finds no shortage of PhD topics in Operation Research but a lot of questions and uncertainty regarding the topics bothering the student. The questions can be:

  • The topic seems too broad, how will I manage to narrow it down?
  • Is the relevant literature available on this topic?
  • Is this topic interesting enough to keep me working through all those years of my PhD?
  • Can the topic add value to the literary canon of operation research?
  • Am I working on the similar topic as the other researcher has done?

These are the common questions which remain unanswered until the student has reached and stuck on the half way to the PhD degree. In this discipline, so many niche researches have been conducted that doing original research on an original topic is competitive. You may find many research topics which are unique and original but to approach them in a unique way is difficult. Keeping the dilemma in mind, our experts have suggested the following PhD topics in Operations Research which are not only unique but also researchable by different ways and perspectives:

  • Assessing the role of logistics management in the performance of shipping and port operation industry with specific pertinence to third part logistics (4PL)
  • An empirical study to optimize revenue and operations management at Indian railways
  • Evaluating Risks in supply chain management: An assessment of challenges, developments and risk assessing frameworks
  • Global trends in service operations management: A case of manufacturing industry
  • Sustainable supply chain management: An empirical study to evaluate success, challenges and current trends

In our experts’ opinion, the above topics can be researched from different perspectives and techniques to fill the loophole in the existing knowledge of the Operation Research. All these topics address the various issues and interests and thus are in need to be examined. These topics can guide you which direction you should follow to obtain a good PhD topic in Operation Research. For more helpful research topic suggestions by experts, write in to us at