PhD Topics in Mechanical Engineering

The hectic is to prepare a PhD topic in mechanical engineering; the more is the pressure to do it urgently. It is evident that in many cases, a student spends a lot of time in deciding which topic would be good and relevant enough to justify his handwork and PhD research. The importance of the topic selection cannot be neglected since there are times when the plainness of the topic overshadows the hard work involved in the research. If the topic is not remarkable, then the research would be ordinary and hardly contribute to the research academia of the Mechanical Engineering.

Our team can help you to avoid committing such mistakes and generate a research topic which can credit you for your research, thesis, and hard work you do. We strive to develop such a topic for you that can combine your knowledge and analytic techniques to shape your research idea into practical reality. We offer you the choice of multiple PhD topics in Mechanical Engineering which are unique, relevant, and customised to meet the needs of your research. To demonstrate our research capabilities and authenticity of topic selection service, we have provided few PhD research topics below:

  • Prediction of fatigue lifetime of MEMS accelerometer based on parameter feature clustering and machine learning approach
  • A novel estimation for classifying Heat-shrinkable material based on ageing with the aid of learning techniques.
  • Welding Parameter Determination of optimal resistance spot welding parameter on low carbon steel welding quality.
  • Multiscale Computational Framework for Sheet Metal Forming to improve metal parameters based on Microstructure.
  • An analysis on degradation on powder coated enclosure panels based on panel parameter optimization
  • Prediction of Temperature effects in ultrasonic fluid flow metering using machine learning techniques.
  • An innovative technique for modelling temperature distribution in metal based on material parameter analysis.
  • Parameter optimization of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) using hybrid optimization techniques.
  • An efficient technique for defect prediction in materials based feature clustering and enhanced neural network.
  • Estimation of multiple plant-wide oscillating control loops by using Artificial intelligence.

Before suggesting any topic to you, we first conduct research on the recent researches done on your interest area, analyse its scope and then prepare a relevant topic for you. For more information about our services or to place your order, you are requested to give us a call at +91-120-4156261 or drop us a mail at