PhD Topics in Marketing

To make your career in the challenging world of business, a doctoral degree in marketing is all you need. Marketing at doctoral level involves the study of emerging trends in marketing practice, needs of the customer and then make strong policies and strategies essential to catering those needs. PhD in Marketing will get you construct a rigorous and enduring academic foundation in the scientific disciplines that underlie marketing. There is a real demand of PhDs in Marketing in both corporate sectors and academia. It is, in fact, a vital preparation for many types of marketing careers such as brand and Marketing management, consulting, entrepreneurship and positions of market researcher or academic researcher.

It is evident that every PhD degree requires an effective thesis based on your research. To come up with a good PhD research topic in Marketing, you must have two things in handy: specific area of marketing practice and a concise subset of theory with which you will test, compare and develop from a specific portion of the marketing literature. However, Marketing is a discipline so vast in itself that to choose and define a topic of your own for your doctoral thesis is almost next to impossible. In such a situation, seeking help or guidance from the academic expert can prove to be your savior. Following are good PhD topics in Marketing suggested by our academic marketing researchers which can bring out a good PhD research and thesis:

  • Role of corporate sustainability and social responsibility in marketing and branding
  • An Assessment of Green Marketing Tools for Increasing the Consumption Pattern of Green Products among Generation
  • The challenges of marketing logistics: Product distribution, Price and Promotion
  • Investigating the effects of advertising and price sensitivity on consumer behavior
  • Generational marketing and advertising: Influencing purchase intention in generation X, Y and Z
  • Child consumer psychology: Evaluating the impact of advertising and marketing
  • Impact of digital marketing on retail banking sector growth
  • Exploiting brand marketing for building brand reputation, competence and loyalty among consumers
  • Social media networking and information technology for customer relationship management: A case of tourism sector
  • Towards brand equity: The effect of innovation in marketing

The above-provided topics, as our experts say, are the ones which when well-researched and written thesis can significantly contribute to the Marketing Literature. Our experts can prepare such a unique topic for you; all you have to do for it is to share your interest area and project details with our experts.  The customised research topic prepared by us is well-researched, unique and in compliance with the canon of marketing literature. To get a topic for your PhD research in Marketing, contact us at