PhD Topics in Library Science

Getting no ideas for the research topic in Library science is obvious since it is an interdisciplinary field with sub-areas such as information management, bibliography, documentation science, informatics, etc. Students most often feel trapped while selecting a research topic due to the complexity of the discipline. The reason they feel trapped is that they get inclined to every next topic that they find without considering its scope. Your research potential and keen interest in the discipline is demonstrated by conducting an independent and exemplary research and a well written thesis in the field of Library Science.

For a research topic is the first thing you will decide for laying the foundation of your PhD research and thesis, it has to be strong and influential. Thus, seeking a professional help is always advised to the students to avoid any sort of inconsistency with your research and thesis. With our expert team of research consultants at Thesis India, we help our students to decide upon a PhD topic which is reliable, concise and fulfills the scope and the existing literature gap. All our consultants are PhD holders in Library Science and thus are completely aware of know-how process of research. To demonstrate the quality of the work we provide, provided below are the sample PhD topics in Library Science:

  • A survey on impact of electronic resources in academic library for scholars.
  • Effect of technology in library science and its benefits to on campus and distance education learners.
  • Benefits of Electronic access for distance education learners- A Review.
  • A stride towards knowledge development and learning in academic schedule through library – Survey.
  • Information technology and its incorporation for library science for knowledge sharing.

These PhD topics can produce an influential research since exploratory research questions can be formulate out of it. To get a customised and unique research topic, kindly reach us by writing in to us at