PhD Topics in Law

PhD in Law enables the young scholars to contribute to the academic field and development of law and order. It offers the career opportunities such as law teachings, legal practice, judiciary, academia, business, and clerkships. For commencing on the path of PhD, selecting a viable, interesting, and original topic is the first milestone. The topic you chose for your law research and thesis ought to be niche and relevant. It is expected from doctoral students to research and formulate a topic, but it is evident that they struggle with identifying and defining an effective topic.

Deciding upon a PhD topic in law is not less than a challenge since you have to choose a single topic out of the many legal rules governing the society with a broad history. You have to examine legal developments; legal issues, scholarly publications, and get updated with current affairs. And there are times when after much research and analysis, you are unable to come up with a focused, original, and an efficient topic. Getting ideas from the topics of recent researches or suggestions from a person who is proficient in your academic field will ease your job to figure out which particular topic or area appeals to you. This is why; our law experts are suggesting some PhD topics in Law to make this difficult task of topic selection of yours easy:

  • The role of socio-economic factors in international commercial arbitration
  • Impact of foreign direct investment on Indian economic developing: the mediating role of government policies
  • Cybercrime and related laws: Current trends, challenges and need of reforms
  • Does culture and religion manipulate the enforcement of an award in international commercial arbitration?
  • Racism and prejudice in sports: A case of equality, justice and supremacy
  • The legal obligations and implications in hostile takeovers of non-performing assets
  • Investigating the legal status, ethical codes and guidelines in clinical and medical practices
  • Marital laws in India: An illustration of Shah Bano case
  • Labour laws in Indian manufacturing sector: A study on regulations, law enforcement and contemporary issues
  • Economic, social and cultural rights: Extrapolating from the experiences of human rights committee

You can also derive a unique PhD topic for your Law thesis with our team of expert consultants. Contrary to popular belief, first research is done, and then the topic is formulated. We work with each of our clients and conduct a thorough research in your interest area to provide you with suggestions regarding the PhD topics. The topic delivered to you by us is 100% original and niche upon which you can conduct your research successfully. Enquire our experts today.