PhD Topics in Human Resource Management

PhD in Human Resource Management is dedicated to a thorough understanding of how people in business and organizations can perform and manage their employees more effectively. Doctorates in HRM are offered with many career opportunities, in both academia and public and private sectors, such as HR consultants, managers or academic researchers in firms and organizations. The doctoral program provides the in-depth knowledge, personal capabilities, and skills to the graduates so that they can become qualified practitioners within the organisation. The sooner you approach towards your PhD degree, the more difficult but necessary your doctoral thesis becomes.

Your thesis should directly contribute to the study of human resource management. Such a thesis is based on a productive and relevant research focused upon a doable research topic. Here are few PhD topics in Human Resource Management to get you started with your research and thesis:

  • Evaluating the functionality of Grievance handling mechanisms in corporate organizations in Gurgaon, India
  • Examining the impact of expatriate policies on overseas adaption and retention commitment: A study of international human resource management
  • A study to evaluate the work-life balance among women (married) employees in BPOs in India: Detrimental factors, strategies adopted and recommendations
  • Impact of leadership practices on organizational culture- A study with specific reference to Indian manufacturing sector
  • The impact of ethics on job satisfaction and employee engagement: ¬†Assessing the determinants and level of adherence

These topics are relevant and need a thorough research to produce a good thesis as our experts suggest. The topics are neither too broad nor too narrow and are of significance in the discipline of human resource and management.   If these topics are not what you are looking for, you can request for customised PhD topics in HRM by writing us to at