PhD Topics in Economics

Preliminary research on various PhD topics is an important first step when it comes to choosing a PhD in Economics. PhD in Economics is aimed to encourage students to conduct original research in Economics and to develop students as a potential economist. It involves the preparation of candidature and completion of the thesis for the award of the degree. The thesis is considered as a scholarly contribution in the field of specialization. Only after the successful completion of the thesis and its acceptance by the University, a candidate is awarded the degree of PhD. The students are encouraged to select a thesis topic which can be covered in a limited time but should be relevant enough to contribute in the field of economics.

There are number of ways by which you can identify and decide upon your PhD topic but it is not as easy as it sounds. Students are advised to consult someone who is both experienced and specialized in the concerned field. If you have a choice of research topics, start by choosing a topic you like, or one you are curious about. Here we are suggesting some of the PhD topics in Economics which can make topic selection easier:

  • Technological advancement and changing trends in consumer purchasing behavior: A survey among 100 consumers at shopping malls in India
  • Cost and benefit analysis of protected areas in India: A case study of the Jim Corbett National Park
  • Global warming from an economic viewpoint: An evaluation of the associated costs, benefits and tradeoffs
  • Community-based forest management stories from across the globe: Take home lessons for Indian scenario from an economic perspective
  • An empirical study to evaluate the economic growth in UK from the lens of unemployment rates
  • A comparative study to assess the relationship between inflation and firms profits: Developed V/S developing economies
  • Technology, unemployment and outsourcing: A survey among the leading manufacturing industries in India
  • Impact of VAT and GST on the profitability of public and private organizations
  • Towards economic growth: Assessing the impact of cultural mix on the productivity of creative industries
  • The macroeconomics of SMEs entrepreneurship in Indian market

You don’t need to settle down with any research topic which is ordinary or derived effortlessly. Our experts can simplify your process of choosing a topic for your PhD research and narrowing it down. With us, you will be able to identify the suggested topics by our consultants precisely to make your research efforts more efficient. For more information, contact us today.