PhD Topics in Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour has been a specialised sector in doctoral studies of Marketing Management. Acquiring PhD in consumer behaviour opens up many career opportunities; one can go for university teaching and research positions at market research firms. Also, business marketers hire market researchers who help in developing ways for the more efficient utilisation of resources of marketing and management problems in a more effective manner.

But pursuing PhD in consumer behavior is not easy and the problem begins from the very start; the topic selection for the research. Topic is the basic and strong element on which you will construct your research upon, thus, your research topic must address to an investigative issue and express the clear purpose of research. As per our experts’ assertion, many researchers get stuck at the topic formulation for their research in consumer behavior since it has many complex dimensions such as consumerism, demographic factors, and consumer psychographics etc.

Here are provided a few PhD topics in Consumer Behavior suggested by our marketing management experts:

  • Service quality and customer loyalty in fast food outlets: A study on customer retention
  • Investigating the role of customer trust, perceived service quality and customer satisfaction in adoption of E-banking services
  • Determinants of post-purchase regret: A study of compulsive buying and consumer culture
  • Children as consumers: Impact on family purchasing decisions in urban India
  • Theories of consumer culture in marketing management for public relations and branding
  • Antecedents of consumer behavior in tourism sector with specific pertinence to social networking
  • Assessing the effect of product packaging on consumer perception: Role of values, quality and satisfaction
  • Socio-economic factors affecting consumer purchasing behavior in online shopping: A case of apparel industry
  • Cultural influence on consumer decision making
  • Consumer psychology: Investigation alcohol consumption pattern and substance abuse

These topics can make your hunt for the most suitable research topic easier and get you on the right track. Our experts in consumer research can help you narrow down your interest area and produce a well-defined PhD research topic. We offer unique, original, and effective research topic to each of our clients to conduct their research. For more information, contact us at